December 28th, 2004

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Bad things

So apparently our home was inspected when we were away and the inspectors were not happy.

Also, apparently our cats were unauthorized and we owe a $300 pet deposit.

IN OTHER NEWS: I ain't getting up from this computer until I've written a resume (or at least a draft).
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(no subject)

Hooray, I have a gmail account! My address is and the first five people that e-mail me get a special haiku written about them! Also they will make me feel less pathetic and friendless!

E-mail #1 was from Aaron! Here's his haiku!

Aaron likes kitties
of the doeg variety
Pepper is his dog

#2 came from Jesso!

Jesso likes to knit
She likes Joy Electric, too
Her brother burps loud

AnnE didn't hit up this offer 'til e-mail #3, LAME.

AnnE's my homie
She yells out loud 'bout comics
and "MALEFICUS!!!!!"

#4 is from Janna!

Met her at Scarborough,
She has my Brother cds.
Hope she gives them back!