August 3rd, 2004

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I never posted it on account of being internetless, but I sent of my afghan for judging on July 12th. The judging was supposed to take place July 16th. It is now August 3rd and I have heard nothing about the contest results and there is nothing on the website about it. Nor have I received an e-mail, phone call or letter on the subject. I'm starting to get impatient and nervous, because the longer it goes on the less confident I am that my afghan was any good.

I got the pictures I took of it developed the day before yesterday. Despite the fact that I found three excitingly horrifying closeups of AnnE, the pictures only confirmed my fears. (Not that AnnE is a hott hottie hottie hott hott, I already knew that, rather that my afghan is an ass sucky ass sucker.)

Anyway, it's been bugging me so much that last night I actually dreamed that I was at the fair where they announce the winners* and I was watching the winning afghans being hoisted up like flags. Mine was not one of them. I noticed behind the winning afghans were all the losing afghans in plastic bags, waiting to be sent home, some with tape on them. The tape had things written on it, and mine was on top, so I went to look at it. It said, "2nd place, honorable mention."

FIRSTLY: I don't think it's possible to get a "second place" in this contest, it's either grand prize, first prize or honorable mention.

SECONDLY: I am scared, more than not winning at all, of getting an honorable mention. This is because if you win, they keep your afghan and get all the rights to your pattern but pay you either $500 or $2500, so it's okay. If you get an honorable mention, they send you your afghan back but keep all the rights to your pattern (aka: You can't try to sell it to another publisher, nor can you promote it on your own) and give you some mysterious "prize reward". I don't know what this "prize reward" is, but obviously it's not moolah.

Anyway, in my dream I ran around the fair trying to figure out who was in charge** and could tell me what I'd won for my honorable mention, second place afghan. In the bag with my afghan had been a 2nd place medal and I was hoping that that wasn't my only "prize reward" and if I could still turn down the honorable mention. Along the way I saw rows and rows of afghans much, much better than mine, none of which I can remember now of course. I woke up still not knowing what, if anything, I won.


*Note: They do not announce the winners at a fair.

**This thing still wouldn't be taking place at a fair, nor would the person in charge be wandering around at a fair to tell me what I needed to know.