May 24th, 2004

Tree Dreaming

(no subject)

Something's going on with the school computers so that they are taking five years to load every page. LITERALLY. I've been here since 1982. THAT'S TWO YEARS BEFORE I WAS BORN.

That's how slow the computers are.

I've really got nothing interesting to say. School's out, our apartment is a big mess, I'm almost done with my afghan. All three are mildly exciting.

UM....UM....I wish I had the internet at home so that I didn't have to drive somewhere else to use it.

I also would like to go to a thrift store to buy sweaters to unravel for yarn. But I shouldn't do that until my afghan is finished.

I'm sorry that this post has been retarded and useless. Pretend you never read it.