November 2nd, 2003

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I find it amusing that of all my ebay auctions, the Hanson one has the most bids (9) and is currently the highest priced ($30.50). This is odd because I would have expected the Buffy one to be the most popular, thinking Hanson was old hat, yesterday's news.

The high bidder on my Hanson auction has bought NOTHING BUT Hanson crap in her tenure as an ebayer. (I am assuming it is a girl because her name is "itz_poison_ivy", "itz" a reference to their names (ike, taylor, zac) and "poison_ivy" a reference to their Coaster's cover on their first independent album, and no guy would be obsessive enough about Hanson to make their entire ebay ID a Hanson reference. I hope.)

She spent $45 on a Hanson package that included a few shirts and some postcards. I'm hoping she spends a lot more on mine, as it includes cds, videos, official fan club mags, etc.

I would love to see some ebay sparring, wherein someone bids, and someone else goes, OH NO YOU DI-IN'T and bidder A goes, OH YES I DI-ID and bidder B goes, YOUR MOM, BITCH only in MONETARY FORM. That would be awesome.