October 6th, 2003

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Mah history essay!

Ok, so here's what I've been working on all weekend, the fruit of my labors!

Here's our essay question:

"Which of the following two statements is the most accurate analysis of the period we have just studied (1763-1787)? Defend your point of view, drawing upon the class lectures, textbook, and Meaning of Independence. Be sure to explain why the opposing viewpoint does not deserve as much emphasis as the one you have chosen.

"Foremost in the minds of Americans in the late eighteenth century was the need to create a "more perfect Union," - a viruous, republican government dedicated to the protection of the public welfare. This goal, more than any other, was the principal cause of the American Revolution and the underlying motive for the creation of the government that followed."

"The American Revolution was a conservative one, led and directed by men of property, who sought to develop, protect, and advance their own economic interests and social positions; and who, having succeeded in expelling the British, set about to construct a government that would secure these objectives."

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I think I did a pretty good job doing everything the question asked me to do, what do you think? Would YOU give me the 50 points on the test that it's worth?
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I love you, David Letterman.

David Letterman is awesome because he does the stupid things that I would do if I had a show and lots of money:

Dave: How many ping pong balls do you have up there on the roof?

Guy: Twenty-thousand.

Dave: Twenty-thousand? How do you get twenty-thousand ping pong balls?

Guy: Call somebody.

Dave: Okay, and you're going to dump them all off the roof?

Guy: Yessir.

Dave: Can you give us a sample drop? Like, just one ball?

Guy: Sure. (drops one ping pong ball off the roof.)

Dave: Wow. Okay folks, don't touch that dial, because we're going to be dropping twenty-thousand -- I mean, if you thought THAT was exciting, just you wait.
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Hey, honey, if you're still online, I didn't hear the AIM noise b/c my volume was down...I was even downloading a new version of MSN messenger JUST TO SEE IF YOU WERE ON, so please IM me back if you are still on...I love you...I can't call b/c my mom is using the phone.