September 10th, 2003

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Is anyone else so used to randomly hearing the sound that AIM makes when someone pops up to chat with you that you start hearing it even when it doesn't really happen? I think it happens to me because I keep my volume so low anyway than when it REALLY happens it's barely audible, so it's easy for my brain to hear phantom chat pop-ups. But still, it's really weird. It's so VIVID. If I didn't check, I'd believe that someone had asked for a chat and is just sitting there waiting for me to respond.
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Someone wants to buy my zines!!!

"Hello Jessica,

I just received your zines today and I enjoyed the read. I'd like to purchase 5 copies of Untitled #1 and #2 for resell through the distro.

Take care,


Now everyone can read them and know that I am doing them because even if YOU think no one else will read them and want to buy them, THIS person does and I can rest well in that.
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