June 4th, 2003

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I just realized that this line from a Spriggan song,

"Or helping the elderly cross the street"

was translated as:

"Oder dem älteren Kreuz helfend die Straße."

Which means "Or helping the elderly cross the street", except that elderly is not the subject, nor is cross the verb. Cross, in fact, is the subject, elderly is DESCRIBING the cross, and helping is the verb. So, in other words, the sentance is telling you about the really old crucifix that's helping the street.

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I love my mom.

So for the longest time, my mom has been asking me what it means when we say "Word." And I finally thought of a way to describe it, so I told her, "It's like saying, 'Right on', or 'Yeah'."

So we practiced saying "Word." for a while. I would say, "Pancakes are awesome" and she'd try to say "Word." using the right inflection and stuff. She almost got it a couple of times.

Then about half an hour later we're talking about various jobs, and I said, "Man, working at Subway was so awesome."

And she goes, "Word."