May 6th, 2003

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Sickness woes

The problem with being sick is that to an extent, I almost enjoy it because it gives me an excuse to sit around and lazily do nothing. When I am not sick, I have no excuse and feel bad about sitting around lazily doing nothing. So I almost wish that I don't get better.

On the OTHER hand...I have a really really really really REALLY busy day on Thursday, and I DON'T want to feel like crap for

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The GOOD thing about being sick, other than the fact that I've lost three pounds due to not being interested in eating, is that when Buffy is over and I'm sad and crying, I can snurffle and it will just appear normal as I've been snurffling all day long.
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The top ten list on David Letterman tonight was "The Top Ten Excuses Bush Has For Not Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction".

The best of which was:

"Did I say they had weapons of mass destruction? I meant they had goats."