December 13th, 2002

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CHRISTMAS SHOPPING = WHEE (when you actually have money!!)

So I cashed my paycheck, divided it up, and drove around for two hours buying Christmas gifts.

AARON: I know what I'm going to get you. You're going to love me.

ANNE: I have your present. You're going to hate me.

DREW: I have your present too, I hope you actually want it!

And I got the coolest thing for my voice teacher. I had no clue what to get her, and I was in Barnes and Noble, and I was looking around at some stuff that looked like Aaron might read it, and I saw a book called Bel Canto. That's the name of her "studio", she named it herself and I thought, AWESOME.

So I picked it up and read the back: "Roxane Coss, opera's most revered soprano, has mesmerized the international guests with her singing." I thought to myself, Oh, that's nice. Sounds good for a voice teacher. It goes on to tell me that the evening was perfect, which is also nice. And then it says: "UNTIL A BAND OF GUN-WIELDING TERRORISTS TAKE THE ENTIRE PARTY HOSTAGE."*


Luckily it goes on to say that it has a happy ending, apparently the terrorists learn to set aside their differences and get along with their hostages...or something...

Then I flipped through the book and found that each chapter begins with a picture of a musical staff, so I figured, "Eh, it's musical enough to merit music notation...GOOD."**

And I bought it.


After that, I went back out with Drew trying to find this cool item that we saw on TV. We immediately thought "ANNE" when we saw it, and decided we should get it for her as a gift from both of us. We thought it was perfectly dumb, figured it probably wouldn't be all that popular.


We went to Wallmart and they had none. So we said, "Eh, we'll go to Toys'R'Us." THEY were SOLD OUT. Someone even called from OKLAHOMA to reserve the last five they had in stock. OKLA-FUCKING-HOMA.

I left my name because they said they'd order more...if they don't have it in a week, the chick (named Kelly, posted HERE for my inevitable forgetfullness) said to call and ask about it.

Man, if we find it, Anne, you better LOVE IT.

*This wasn't in caps, but it may as well have been as it struck me like a truck.

**Also, the book is by one Ann Patchett, NOT Pratchett, which is really messing with my mind because I keep looking at it going, "Pratchett? What? Wait...No...PATCHETT...*you're missing an R*..."
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Interesting statistics...

I just checked my profile, and not counting this entry, I've posted 171 entries. 25 of those have been this month alone. Meaning 14.6% of my journal has been written in December.

I declare that I have been infected with the spinooti disease.