July 24th, 2002

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To my buddies:

For some reason, my dad keeps buying my mother jewlery. My mother does not like jewlery. She is trying to get rid of stuff, and she found a gold bracelet with dolphin charms around it. If any of my pals wants it, please tell me.

Anne, do you think Katy would want it?
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We also have a lovely excercise machine. It is an Aerobatron, that stair stepper thing in my computer room. If anyone wants that, we are giving it away....FOR FREE!@@


Isn't cleaning house fun?
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My Jones soda tells me: "There are good times ahead of you."

My mom and I bought a whole bunch of food at Target because we had practically NO food. The girl who checked us out was a dead ringer for Pinko, blonde highlights and all.

There are these people who are supposedly fixing our bathroom floor. They have parked their huge van/truck thing in our driveway, partially. Just enough so that we can't park in our own driveway. And somehow, they left.

Without their vehicle.

Which is still blocking our driveway.

My dad left a lovely note for them, the first line of which is "This is bull shit". For some reason, this amuses me.

My mom is showing me brocolli.

I want to go shopping for Target clothes.