July 16th, 2002

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My friends hate him.

My dog's indifferent towards him.

He caused a man to have a nervous breakdown durning Shakespeare Abridged.

He's Joe, the new guy on Blue's Clues.

Now, I'd never actually seen Joe, or witnessed how he deals with the show. I'd just always sided with my friends who instantaneoulsy decided they hated him. But today, I actually watched a Joe episode. The verdict?

Joe isn't that bad.

I know saying this is going to get my head ripped off by...oh...ALL of my buddies. (mostly Anne and Jill.) But it's true. He wasn't terribly annoying or anything. He's not better than Steve, but he's not worse than Steve either. I must admit that I do like the way Steve hollers "MAIL" better than Joe, and I missed that aspect of the episode. But all in all, I couldn't say which I prefer more.

But honestly, if you watch, you have to appreciate that ANY man can take living in an animated world where your only friends are animals and appliances seriously. And the only thing you do for fun is find where your dog's been putting her grubby paws. I think the true test to prove who is a better host would be to have a Steve and Joe marathon and see who goes completely loopy first. Seeing as how neither of them really did, neither one is better.

They are just different.

Here ends post which will alienate me from my friends forever.