May 25th, 2002

Tree Dreaming

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I've kept all of my textbooks from my high school since 7th grade. Why? For the sole purpose of selling them all back at booksales the year after I graduate and making hordes of money. I've just spent the past half hour sorting through all these books with the booklist for next year. Well, about 30% of them are no longer being used (which I expected, so it's ok). And there are a few I couldn't find, and I few I had sold before, and one I wanted to keep (my visual basic programming book). I priced them at VERY reasonable prices for what my school charges, and for the fact that they are indeed used, especially some of the ones from recent years when I didn't give a crap what condition my books were in. (many a $58 book was marked down to $30.) With all these factors in mind, I think we should all pause and reflect on how much money I'll make should I resell all the books I priced:


Kind of makes you proud to go to a private school in America, doesn't it?