April 12th, 2002

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Getting sick of stuff...

My mom is rather furious at me for staying out until 1 AM last night (Thursday) braiding my friend's hair. It looked really cool, and it's okay because I was up for school actually EARLY today. The only reason that happened, though, was because my stomach said, "HEY!!! I don't like you. Go to the bathroom." So I did. Because I was in pain. And then I only had Tylenol PM, but I did NOT want to wait until school to have the nurse give me two ibuprofen that wouldn't work anyway. I need THREE. Grumble...sometimes being a girl sucks to no end.
I'm not sure where I'm gonna get the money for prom tickets. Our school says today was the last day to buy them, but I know it's not true, it never is, they'll extend it right up until the day before. They always do.
I just got an application for UTA in the mail. This is where Drew is applying. I don't really want to go to college next year, but I'm thinking since the application is here, I might surprize my parents and everyone ever and apply. If I went to college, I'd at least be in touch with people, and I could get crap out of the way and do those internships and things. I don't know. I'm really not sure. I'm pretty sure if I applied I could get in. Oh well, I'll see what happens...
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I have hair, yay!

I finally went out and just bought some hair in case the stuff I ordered from ragdolly doesn't get here in time. Of course, when it DOES get here, I'll have hair OUT THE PROVERBIAL BUTTOCKS. But oh well, that means I can do it again or experiment with it or mix it with stuff. ALSO, I discovered that the store that shunned me the last time I went, Gigi's, has LOADS of jumbo braid (the stuff you need to make braids...duh...) in ALL the colors you could hope for. I really want to braid green and black into my hair at some point, but I can't until school's over. I can hardly wait to braid the blonde stuff into my hair!!! OH, THURSDAY, APPROACH QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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