October 27th, 2001

Tree Dreaming

I have made my livejournal PRETTY...

Anne made me a KICK BUTT icon, which is hilarious for several reasons, but mostly because of THIS PAGE. SO. I also put cool mood icons that I think are cool because they're cool and stizzuf. You can't deny it. Today kicked butt because I went to Kuby's, an awesome german resturaunt in the morning and I ate food. And it was GERMAN food. And it was schnitzel and potato pancakes. And then, right after, I went to tech day and helped build "rocks". And then I was the Tazmanian Devil, and Anne mocked my love of Abba. Because she's MEAN. And then I came home for a few hours, and then I went to McDonalds so that I could meet my friends from Summerstars and go to the Cats Haunted Theatre, which was scary and silly because I knew half the people in there, so they kept saying, "Jessica" and I laughed hysterically. Which was probably not the reactiont they wanted, but I DON'T CARE. And then, me, Christina and Jana went to find Stu, and we did. And then we ate ice cream, and talked to Stu, and then I went home, and here I am at home. In conclusion, I did everything ever today. And tomorrow, I'm going to see Drew and relax. GOOD PLAN.