Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

One of those To-Do List thingies.

I've seen folks do this on their ljs before, let's see if it actually works for me.

To-Do List:
1. Find a no-kill shelter to take my cats to.
2. Find a no-kill shelter to take my cats to.
3. Mail out all Christmas presents to wishlist folks.
4. Get an oil change.
5. Go grocery shopping and buy healthy foods, like fruit. And not ramen.
6. Clean out my car.
7. Do laundry.
8. Put a few changes of clothes permanently in my car so that when I go play DDR, I don't have to go wherever I'm headed next in sweaty clothes.
9. Make stuff for the booth.
10. Call UTA and find out about financial aid.
11. I'd put clean aparment on here, but I can't really do that the way I'd like until the cats are out.

*sigh* It's really hard to find a no-kill shelter to take the cats to. All the ones I've called in the area are full, and most of them want some kind of payment or something to take them. ONE OF THE WHOLE POINTS IS I'M BROKE. And they all guilt-trip the fuck out of you. I promise, shelters, my cats would be happier with you than they are with me, because I am just not in the position to keep them anymore. Every time I come home, they're yelling at me to pay attention to them, but I don't have time because I just have to go to sleep. And I don't have the energy to try and housetrain them again...argh, it's just a mess.

Okay, I'm done complaining about my cat situation. Time to try and get back to work.

Man, I'm not in the mood to work at all today. My boss said I could have the day off if I wanted it...maybe when she wakes up I'll ask her if I can go home. I am just NOT in the mood right now. Whatever, bizarre brain chemicals.

My Napoleon Dynamite icon will make me happier.

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