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Okay, I am back from Ohio. Went to my grandpa's funeral. I sang "Oh Danny Boy", because it was one of his favorite songs. I thought I'd be okay singing, but shoot. I managed to get through it and as soon as the song was over, I broke down, and went back to my seat as quickly as possible.

They did the whole military thing for him. It was very nice. We got to keep the bullet shells from the shots. After that was over, I wanted to go see my grandma's grave, and since her plot is right next to where grandpa was going, we got to watch them put his casket in the ground. Maybe I'm morbid, but it made me feel better to know for sure that he was being put where he was supposed to be.

Anyway, we left right after the funeral because we had to get home in order to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra! We drove straight from Ohio to Dallas for the concert. We didn't go home first because it wasn't on the way.

The very next day (that would be yesterday) was How the Edge Stole Christmas, so I did get to see Korn! I went to two concerts in two days. Sat in the nosebleeds for both. And I have come to a very important conclusion:

I hate the nosebleeds.

Damn you, dad, for always buying me those sweet ass pit tickets. Now I'm spoiled and bitter, even though I always hated the fact that you bought them since you held it over my head for months afterward.

Somehow, Korn managed to play an entire concert of only singles. Which was cool, but also kind of weird. They left out ADIDAS. I had this big ADIDAS shaped void hanging over my evening. But they did play Twist, which was amazing and awesome.

The best part of the show was this kid sitting next to me who had obviously not been to many concerts before. I could list all the telltale signs, but I promise, it was really obvious. The biggest giveaway was when he called his mom during Chutes and Ladders to have her listen to it. Man, I could barely make out the notes the bagpipes were playing over the yelling, screaming crowd, so I'm sure to this dude's poor mother, it sounded like "LFKDJSLAFKJSLKFJAFLSJAFOIEWURPIOJFPDSOIVJSPAHWEOPFIUEPORIUOP43U423890EFJE05840TUEP~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111" which is, I'm sure, exactly the type of phone call she wanted to get at eleven o'clock at night.

WELP, KIDDOS, that's it for me!!! I'm off to wish it were 5 and that I were at home!

OH. All my relatives got livejournals. So far only my mom has posted, but her journal is sis2andmom. My Aunt Enid's livejournal is beanie1953, my Uncle Mark's livejournal is mwagstrom, and my sister Reagan's journal is skyeeg1993. Go friend them and confuse them! It will be awesome! I swear!

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