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1) Is spinooti a nerd? YES.
2) What is spinooti's favorite band/artist? Nerdy McNerd Pants.
3) Is spinooti an emo? YES.
4) What would spinooti give spinooti for his/her birthday? Legos. PIRATE Legos.
5) If spinooti and spinooti were spliced together, what would be its name? FANNY BOLONEY HAHAHAHAHA
6) When did you last call spinooti? Less recently than I called HER MOM.
7) How tall is spinooti? TALL ENOUGH.
8) Does spinooti have a crush on spinooti? She would.
9) What word best describes spinooti? NERD.
10) spinooti's hair color? Deep puce.
11) Have you flirted with spinooti? Often.
12) If spinooti took over the world, who would be happy? Everyone.
13) What animal should spinooti be combined with? A pony.
14) Would spinooti go out with spinooti? Only on Tuesdays.
15) What exotic animal would spinooti like as a pet? A pony.
16) How long have you known spinooti? Since yesterday.
17) What is spinooti's favorite game? the "Let's Punch Kittens" game.
18) Does spinooti travel a lot? No. She stays in one place all the time. It's really weird, actually.
19) What animal does spinooti remind you of? A goat.
20) Does spinooti go to your school? NOT SINCE SHE BLEW IT UP. GEEZ.
21) What song/movie would you recommend to spinooti? The "I'm Sick Of Your Cruddy Face" song.
22) Would you wrestle spinooti in jello? Only if it were blue jello.
23) Do you have spinooti's screenname? NO, WHAT THE HELL COULD IT BE???
24) How long would spinooti dating spinooti last? An eternity.
25) How would spinooti kill spinooti? N/A
26) Is spinooti in a relationship? I'm not allowed to divuldge that information.
27) Would spinooti and spinooti look good together? On a postage stamp? Yes.
28) What is spinooti's biggest flaw? HER FACE AHHAHAHAHA.
29) If spinooti was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? ME.
30) Where was spinooti born? In a BOX. Also, she was an ACCIDENT.
31) What is spinooti's favorite movie? Robin Hood.
32) Which of your friends should spinooti go out with? ALL OF THEM THAT HO BAG
33) Where did you first meet spinooti? It was too traumatic and I erased it from my memory.
34) Is spinooti 1337? SOMETIMES.
35) Are spinooti and spinooti married? YES.
36) What color should spinooti dye their hair? DEEP PUCE.
37) Has spinooti been to your house/dorm? What are you implying?
38) Is spinooti dead sexy? No.
39) Does spinooti have a dog? No.
40) What is spinooti's shoe size? No.
41) What video game does spinooti remind you of? Amazing Spider Man. Also every video game ever.
42) What would spinooti think of spinooti? She'd probably have some unkind words to say.
43) What do you agree with spinooti about? Nothing.
44) One thing you can't stand about spinooti? Everything.
45) Is spinooti introverted or extroverted? Neither, she's a eunuch.
46) What would you do if spinooti died? CELEBRATE. (Maybe a lie.)
47) Does spinooti do drugs? Probably, the cad.
48) What flavor of jello would spinooti be? Blue.
49) Does spinooti drink? EVERY GOD DAMN DAY.
50) Would you make out with spinooti? I already have.
51) One quality you find attractive in spinooti? Her nostrils.
52) Have you ever dated spinooti? See question #50.
53) What would spinooti do differently in your shoes? Gallop instead of casually saunter.
54) Does spinooti have a big secret? Yes, but it involves me, so I can't divuldge it here.
55) If spinooti were hanging off a cliff, what would spinooti do? Die, probably.
56) Are spinooti and spinooti going steady? Since September.
57) Which president would spinooti be likely to idolize? Scrafford.
58) What is spinooti allergic to? YOUR MOM.
59) Where would spinooti most like to visit? Certainly nowhere that rhymes with "Smortland".
60) Would spinooti and spinooti make a good couple? No.
61) Thoughts on spinooti? Alkdjflakfd.
62) If spinooti commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Everyone.
63) What rank would spinooti have in a giant robot army? EL CAPITANO.
64) What do you disagree with spinooti about? Everything.
65) Is spinooti single? No, she's dating spinooti, remember?
66) spinooti's eye color? Deep puce.
67) Do you think spinooti is hot? OF COURSE. (NOT.)
68) If spinooti and spinooti were spliced together, what would it be like? Weird.
69) How many monkeys could spinooti fight at once and win against? 382.
70) Does spinooti know spinooti? No.
71) Does spinooti smoke? Often.
72) Is spinooti popular? Sometimes.
73) Is spinooti related to you? Only by blood.
74) Is spinooti a high school student? YES HAHAHA.
75) What mental disorder does spinooti remind you of? No comment.
76) Has spinooti dyed their hair? Maybe!!!1
77) Is spinooti related to spinooti? No, they've never met.
78) What languages does spinooti speak? All of them.
79) Could you see spinooti and spinooti together? No.
80) Did spinooti break up with you? YES, THE BITCH.
81) Do spinooti and spinooti go to the same school? Only when we actually attend.
82) Would you set up spinooti and spinooti? I just did!
83) What would you do if you found out spinooti has a crush on you? Marry her.
84) Is spinooti friends with spinooti? They hate each other, didn't I already say that?
85) Would you ever date spinooti? No.
86) Is spinooti a college student? Is YOUR MOM a college student?
87) What planet should spinooti be from? HAHAHAHAHA Jupiter.
88) What is spinooti's favorite food? Jupiter.
89) If spinooti took over the world, who would suffer? Everyone.
90) How would spinooti conquer the world? Jupiter.
91) Would spinooti be a better ninja or pirate? That is a really, really, hard question that I don't feel qualified to answer.
92) If spinooti had a superpower, what would it be? Butt-kicking.
93) Do you have a crush on spinooti? Who doesn't?
94) Where was spinooti born? My armpit.
95) If spinooti and spinooti were siamese twins, where would they be joined? The whole body.
96) Is spinooti athletic? What do you mean by that?
97) Is spinooti your best friend? If by "best friend" you mean "hetero lifemate" and by "hetero lifemate" you mean "mortal enemy" than yes.
98) Are spinooti and spinooti going out? Not since September.
99) What comic book character would spinooti be? Spiderman.
100) What is spinooti's favorite color? Deep puce.

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