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I did it and I'm proud.

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1) Thoughts on niobedancing? She likes my Sims 2 Legacy!
2) Do you have respndines's screenname? Um....isn't it respndines?
3) What is aloria's favorite color? .......Fawkes.
4) What is sheena_bandy's favorite band/artist? I don't know, I only met her a few days ago! She likes the llama song, I know that much.
5) Is sra33 related to shaataap? No, they don't even know each other...
6) Is syntheticjesso friends with scrafford? Probably. Everyone is friends with scrafford.
7) What animal should saturnianali8r be combined with? A......lemur?
8) Would opaleyes go out with carmen? Hahaha, probably not, though they were hanging out a lot together for the past few months...
9) If esoteriqua and lochvanessa were siamese twins, where would they be joined? At the big toe.
10) If hecatesknickers had a superpower, what would it be? Amazing "crushing the spirits of H/Hr shippers" powers.
11) How would hadeumdi conquer the world? Hm...that is between him and the world. But it'd probably be cool.
12) Is virus introverted or extroverted? Introverted. When she's not being extroverted. (YOU know what I mean.)
13) What languages does hadeumdi speak? ......english? Pig-latin also, probably.
14) Could you see omnifarg and affectingly together? Of course. But then again, omnifarg dates everyone.
15) Does yakasha have a dog? Hey, I know this one! Yes, actually! A recently aquired one named Jezebel (which is a horrible name for a dog.)
16) What video game does lochvanessa remind you of? ?? Man, I don't know you could have asked for any other popular form of media and I could have provided a billion answers, but I've got nothing for video games.
17) What is mrgazpacho's favorite movie? "Smells of African Rabbits"
18) Do you think bubbledragon is hot? I have never seen her? But probably.
19) Does bubbledragon know shaataap? No. NOBODY KNOWS HIM BUT ME, OKAY??? SO STOP ASKING.
20) How long would apostrophet dating weasley_hobbit last? Seven years, until they realized they were cheating on each other with themselves.
21) When did you last call yellowpythonsub? Actually, never. I last saw her at a Rasputina concert, though, I think.
22) Would you ever date slythrnsecret22? If the conditions were juuuust right.
23) Do respndines and sheena_bandy go to the same school? Possible, but highly unlikely.
24) Where was weasley_hobbit born? A hospital?
25) What would victheslic do differently in your shoes? Go to Iraq, I guess.
26) If aloria took over the world, who would suffer? Everyone. Geez. ;)
27) Are virus and affectingly going steady? Not that I know of.
28) Is naiad_kitty single? What kind of questions are these? I don't know!
29) What word best describes kazzy_g? Kazzy G.
30) Is yakasha a college student? Maybe? Not sure? He used to be? Now he works all the time?

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