Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

My mom and I are totally into the spirit of Thanksgiving right now.

Usually, my mom, dad and sister go to Missouri to visit my dad's side of the family on Thanksgiving. Both my mom and I hate going up there. I stopped going as soon as I turned 18, and this year, my mom decided to stay home as well, so we're having Thanksgiving by ourselves together this year.

We have decided that we are having the "Selfish Pig Thanksgiving Celebration", where we are celebrating the fact that there is no one else around that we have to share food with, we can watch whatever we want on TV instead of being forced to watch football, and eat whenever we are hungry instead of waiting for everyone else to get to the table and eat.

I just made this amazing dessert (which my mom thinks is more of a salad), and we are making a whole turkey for JUST US. My mom's made a bowl full of mashed potatoes, we've been watching School of Rock and How Do I Look all day, and we're probably going to see Goblet of Fire later tonight.


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