Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I just saw a movie.

I just got back from the movie version of RENT. There's a lot of complaining behind the cut, so TREAD WITH CAUTION.

Well, I was a little disappointed that it didn't start with guitiar tuning plucking and the sung "December 24th, eastern standard time..." I mean, that was said, but not SUNG. And there was no guitar plucking. And they started it by singing "Seasons of Love". I can't remember if that's how it started when I saw it on the stage...I THINK maybe, but I'm pretty sure "Seasons of Love" is on disc two of the soundtrack? Help me out here.

It was cool that they used a lot of the original cast for the movie, and I thought Rosario Dawson made a good Mimi. I was most glad that Mark was the same, because, OMG I HEART MARK. He is my favorite character, because he's so friggen sweet and the only one that I don't want to punch in the face about twelve times. (Well, him and Collins.)

THEY CUT OUT CHRISTMAS BELLS ARGH ARGH ARGH PUNCHES FOR CHRIS COLUMBUS. WHERE IS MIKE NEWELL WHEN YOU NEED HIM???? Christmas Bells is my FAVORITE SONG, because the bit at the end when they're all singing? Is the BEST. They kind of messed up a lot by ending Christmas Eve right after (their pitiful excuse for) You Okay Honey. All the rest of the stuff happened Christmas Day, and then Maureen's performance and La Vie Boheme happened THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS WTF. But whatever.

I was glad that they shortened the whole second act, because the whole thing is very sad and difficult to sit through.

All that said, I still bawled like a little baby, if not for what was happening on the screen than just for the story in general. It gets me every damn time. And I've really wanted to just sit there and cry buckets'o'tears at a movie for a while, and I haven't found the right one (even What Dreams May Come didn't do it for me the fourth time around, WHAT GIVES???), so I think I'll probably go see this again and maybe drag Jessie along with me.

It was a good time, all the "hits" were in there in full glory, and since it was mostly the original cast, I didn't have to deal with new people mucking it all up. That was a plus.

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