Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Okay, self, here is the thing. You know I love ya. I mean, really, we've been together for 21+ years, and I'm pretty fond of you. But you have to STOP BEING RETARDED, okay? Let's try getting to bed before four in the morning. Let's try actually getting out of bed when your alarm goes off. No more of this falling back asleep and waking up ten minutes after you're supposed to be somewhere. You are just lucky you have a very forgiving boss and a very understanding voice teacher.

But self? This has gotta stop. Start going to bed before 11:30, okay? Except that you can be excused tonight, because it's Harry Potter. And you can be excused tomorrow, because it's the weekend. But starting Sunday? You have a bed time. Deal with it. I'm taking Ultimate Action. You have to get your shit together.

Consider this your kick in the pants.

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