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So today is my last day of real school (without exams.) I got here late, and I'm skipping study hall. Well, not really skipping, but leaving to go to the computer lab. I do this almost every day, and this is my last day to do it....that's really weird. It doesn't feel like my last day of school forever. I'm sure after exams, it won't feel like school's over. I don't even know if I feel like school is really over after the project graduation lock in. SO STRANGE. I felt this way after Summerstars last year...I was horribly sad that it WAS my last year, but I didn't feel like it was....luckily, I'm going back to tech, so in a way it wasn't, it was just my last year acting. BUT STILL. Strange. And I still don't have a job, maybe I should go to my cd Warehouse and say, "It's my birthday, give me a job." But they'll probably laugh and say no like they did the last time I asked for a job. OH WELL, I'm just in a really weird mood and don't actually have anything to say, so.

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