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The coolest thing ever....

Last night, I spent all day at school for the sole purpose of attending our spring Thespian Society Inductions, a time to greet new members, perform badly (or not so badly, in a few member's cases), and cry your EYES out due to stuff ending and all. All the members receive an award at the spring inductions, and one of my favorite people Grant had told us that he would be getting all of the seniors gifts. Well, I had heard my award would be cool, and that my gift would be cool, but I had NO FREAKING IDEA how cool.
Buffy has been my favorite show since seventh grade. I've been a faithful watcher, and I've often dreamed of what it would be like to be on the show.
Last night, I got a little personalized taste. Because my award was "Theater Protector". And one of my best friends, Jill, read the award out loud. It was almost exactly the same speech that Jonathan read to Buffy when she got the "Class Protector" award at prom, except molded to fit the theater atmosphere. And there's this one part where, during the show, they say that "a lot of weird stuff goes on", and three people yell random weird things. Well, when they got to that part for me, three of my friends yelled theater related weird things, except for Anne who yelled "PONIES" which ruled. It was perfect, it was wonderful, and I haven't cried so hard in a long time. THEN, my present from Grant was a hand carved stake. Which sounds dumb, but it was SO COOL. Needless to say, it was a great night :)

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