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I love it when it rains!!!!!!!! It makes me ever so joyous and happy. What's even cooler is it's raining and it's dark outside and I'm about to go swimming in an indoor pool with HUGE almost-full wall windows, so it will be nice and DARK in the cold water!!!!!! A-HAHAHAHA!!!!!! I think that I may have been born with the destiny of becoming a huge evil superhero because I like it when things are dark and cold. And I have a tendency to bond to evil characters on my favorite show. Which is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy is important to existence. Without Buffy, we wither and die. Here's another Buffy quote I reminded myself of: "We have to achieve our dreams, for without them we wither and die." I'm pretty sure that's it. It was spoken by Cordelia when she was still a nerd. What was I saying? Oh, yes, evil. So, right, Drusilla's the best Buffy character EVER AT ALL and no one seems to agree with me except for my other psychotic Buffy freak of a friend Jennifer. She and I have decided that if we ever get changed into vampires the first thing we'll do is dress real slutty and convince this guy we hate (one Derek Beard) to let us into his house and then we TIE HIM UP AND TORTURE HIM WITH BIG FLAMING OBJECTS AND SHARP POINTY DOODADS UNTIL HE SWEARS WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WE COULD EVER LOVE AND THEN WE KILL HIM!!!!!!!! I for one think this is a beautiful plan. But everyone else I've told besides Jennifer (who concocted it with me) thinks it's kind of sick and twisted. Well, maybe it is. In a beautiful sort of way. You have to admit it has a certain charm. And besides, we'd only actually DO it if we turned into evil bloodsucking creatures of the night. People seem to miss that part. It's not like we'd do it NOW. If we did it NOW, his blood wouldn't taste near as good.
Tags: buffy, rambling, random


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