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So I've been thinking about Zodiac signs and how they actually affect the type of person someone is. I don't believe everything that is said about a sign is 100% true, because people are different. But I have found that if I know someone's zodiac sign, and I know a little about it, it helps me relate to the person better because I kind of know where they're coming from.

Some phenomenon I've noticed regarding me:
I'm a Taurus, and I tend to get along really well with other Tauruses. I also tend to be friends with Geminis and Aquariuses, so these are the three signs that I am most comfortable with and know the most about.

I hardly know any water signs, nor do I know much about them.

"Jess, that is wonderful, but what is the point of this post?"

Well, I usually can't learn anything about a certain zodiac sign if I don't actually KNOW a person who is that sign. So, what I'm going to do is put some zodiac descriptions under a cut. Find yours, read it, and then comment with your sign and what you felt was true about your sign description and what wasn't. If you know other stuff about your sign that you feel relates to you, please share it!

These descriptions were taken from, because for some reason I find their descriptions really accurate, while not being excessively lengthy.




PROS: Self-controlled, dependable, secure, methodical. Understated, the Quiet Achievers. Learn from experience, never repeat mistakes. Practical, hardworking, organised. They set reachable goals and head for them without deviation, then set the next goal - the tortoise approach. All Earth signs are totally in tune with their senses (see Taurus). They have a very strong sense of reality and the physical world around them. When the world around them is in turmoil they never panic, so they're ideal to turn to in a crisis.

CONS: Tend to get trapped by self-imposed limitations. Lack spontaneity and passion. Not as overly analytical as the Air signs, but Capricorns do tend to get caught up in detail. Perhaps their major problem is their lack of ambition and drive - they can set goals way below what they are capable of achieving, as they find that more comfortable than the risk of failure.




PROS: Friendly, unconventional, innovative, rebellious. Exciting, interesting, social. All Air signs are good communicators and full of ideas. Aquarians love to make others happy - they're quite outwardly focussed.

CONS: Prone to overanalysing, can be quite detached - although they are more sincere and caring than the other Air signs. As with the other Air signs, tend to be more interested in continually coming up with new ideas than seeing them through. Creativity is more important than application, and intellectual possibility holds far more fascination than the here-and-now - which means they're pretty unreliable. Air signs tend to be changeable and hard to pin down - and Aquarians in particular are often considered 'shape-shifters' with a different face for every occasion. This makes them very difficult to get to know in any depth - although in Aquarians, it's more because they're willing to be what others want them to be. Air signs don't feel that they need to be one defined individual.




PROS: Compassionate, caring, sensitive, serene. A dreamer and idealist.

CONS: Unrealistic, impractical. Tend to live in a fantasy world. Changeable and inconsistent. Poor planning skills. Moody, but not as intense and prone to anger as the other Water signs.




PROS: Fiery, competitive, ambitious. Energetic, enthusiastic. Always willing to push boundaries. Passionate and adventurous. They're far more interested in action than talk. High achievers, but less egotistical than the other Fire signs.

CONS: As with all Fire signs, Aries are very restless. Don't like responsibility or commitment. Hate routine, have problems 'settling down'. Must be constantly on the move, searching for goals that are always set just out of reach. Often tread on others' toes - tend to be fairly dominating. They're also prone to inconsistency, as they're constantly seeking new experiences, with which they quickly get bored. They tend to dwell on status, and success in others eyes is their main motivator.


APRIL 21 - MAY 21


PROS: Solid, dependable, grounded, reliable. Sensual, and very aware of physicality - love to touch and be touched. Instinctual rather than intellectual. Earth signs are very tuned to the senses, and only trust what can be directly experienced by taste, sight, smell, touch & sound. They are very suspicious of anything less tangible. They can be very creative, but are motivated by the senses, not the intellect - the feel of paint on a canvas, the sound of an instrument - not some elusive muse.

CONS: Not good at coping with change. Tendency to be materialistic, but more through a desire for security than status. Quietly stubborn. Not willing to challenge if it involves risks. Very territorial. Can be quite pessimistic.


MAY 22 - JUNE 21


PROS: Quick-witted, intelligent. Boundless enthusiasm & energy. The most curious and creative sign, although also the most strongly skeptical. Communicative and interested in people, albeit in a very intellectual way. Capable of doing many tasks at once - in fact, Geminis need a very high level of stimulation in order to maintain their interest. They tend to be high achievers even though they lack ambition - almost as though any success is merely incidental to their constant seeking of stimulation.

CONS: Tendency to be very detached and analytical, even uncaring. Fickle - very short attention span. Appear to be very disorganised and inconsistent, because their motivations and loyalties are constantly changing. They can be quite two-faced, although without malicious intent. Geminis often have a huge range of interests, but follow none in any depth - this could be seen as shallow. They lack 'grounding' and tend to get carried away with whatever currently holds their interest. Air signs are often considered to lack substance, and Geminis are probably the most prone to this - they're completely mercurial, changing personality in the blink of an eye. You may feel you never know the real person - but you'll never get bored with a Gemini!


JUNE 22 - JULY 23


PROS: Nurturing, sensitive, deeply caring and protective. Very family-oriented. Far more able to show their emotions than other Water signs, and less prone to introspection. Totally loyal - would do anything for those they love.

CONS: All Water signs are emotional with a tendency to be irrational and illogical. Not socially skilled in group situations. Cancerians have great difficulty 'moving on' with their life when a relationship fails. Don't generally cope with change well. Often they feel vulnerable and exposed as they cannot hide their emotions. They feel things very deeply and are easily hurt. Water signs have the reputation of being extremely moody.




PROS: Self confident, full of life. Vital, optimistic and full of energy. Leos are very playful and love to laugh. Fire signs are the zodiac's high achievers. Leos are the most social of the Fire signs, and know how to get their own way. They often use this constructively, making strong leaders.

CONS: Tend to be egotistical and dominating. Look for drama - if life's getting a little dull, Leos often create situations simply for their own amusement. Their play can get a bit rough on those more sensitive signs - they certainly forget to keep their claws in at times. They tend to be self-focussed, with little interest in the achievements of others. They want to be the centre of attention whenever possible, and they can be corrupted by their own power.




PROS: Diplomatic, practical, problem-solving. Self-controlled. Like all Earth signs, very in tune with their senses and environment. Highly organised.

CONS: Tendancy to be a bit controlling of others, particularly in order to preserve equilibrium. Can be a bit of a neat-freak. Not good in crowds - usually shy and slow to open up, although can be very uninhibited once trust is established. Uncomfortable in situations where they do not have total control. Very linear in their thinking, so their solutions tend to be conservative rather than creative.




PROS: Strong sense of fairness. Reasonable & logical. Diplomatic, even-tempered. Investigative and analytical.

CONS: The least creative of the Air signs (although the Air signs tend to be the most creative). Upset by disharmony around them - can't be detached. Tend to get caught up in others' problems & causes, often to their own detriment. Unwilling to make decisions until every piece of evidence is available, which can lead to procrasination.




PROS: Sexy, passionate, powerfully intense. Magnetic.

CONS: Secretive. Hard to get close to. It's not that they're uncaring, but they're not very good at expressing it - perhaps because their passion is so profound it can be intimidating. Water signs are not good communicators, and Scorpios in particular are prone to being misunderstood due to their inability to express their deep emotions. They often have self-destructive tendancies and the Water signs' moodiness is most intense in Scorpios.




PROS: Inspired and inspiring. Warm, happy and more loyal than the other Fire signs. Assertive rather than aggressive. Ambitious, but considerate of others. Creative and driven. Outgoing, social and optimistic. More sincere, trustworthy and humanitarian than other Fire signs.

CONS: As with the other Fire signs, Sagittarians don't like responsibility and are not good at routine. They get bored very easily, and don't like to pay too much attention to detail. They also insist on total honesty and may tell you things you don't want to hear - diplomacy is not the Fire signs' strong suit.

I've gotten to the point where I can occasionally pick up on if someone's a Taurus, Aquarius or Gemini. But since I don't know much about the other signs, it's hard to pick up on the rest of the population. This'd help me out a lot!

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