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Texas weather, dead rats and the sims.

Man, Texas, what are we gonna do with you? Yesterday it was something like 99 degrees outside (no joke, no exaggeration, that's just Texas) and the radio's all, "This is our last hot day. It won't be hot anymore." So, even though I've lived here for 18 years of my life, I still think to myself, "Oh, it'll probably be 80 or something tomorrow.

Nope. I walk out this morning, and it is FRIGGEN COLD. I have to go back and get a sweater. I just found out that where I am right now? It is 63 degrees. Oh, Texas, you whimsical little kook, what will you think of next? (Not that I'm complaning. This weather is actually making me absurdly happy.)


So apparently there are these rats that are wandering around in the ceiling at work. And apparently, a couple of them came down from the ceiling and died. And apparently, we can't find one of them so the shop SMELLS LIKE DEAD RAT, and I'm afraid to drink the water in case the reason we can't find it is if it died in the pipes or something and I'd secretly be drinking dead rat.

And the best part was yesterday, I was going to the bathroom, and THERE WAS A FUCKING LIVE RAT. And I was torn between the part of me that went, "Holy crap, it's riddled with diseases and is going to race out and bite me on the ankle and give me space rabies or something!" and the part of me that went, "Aw, that is the cutest thing ever, I want to take it home and keep it as a pet!" Luckily I did not go with the latter option. But still. I'm afraid to take my shoes off now, 'cause they's RATS runnin' around.

This section is about my Sims Legacy Challenge that I started last night, and unless your name is esoteriqua, you probably don't care, so I cut it.

I have no idea how to extract the pictures from the game to put on the internet, especially since my computer at home doesn't even have the internet, so you will have to use your FUCKING IMAGINATIONS here, deal with it. Babies.

So as of RIGHT NOW, my legacy family has 4 points: Two for two generations, one for having any simoleons at all in the bank, and another one for having 5 family friends (I'll get another friend point when I get 6).

I started out with my founder, Bliff Horseface, who I intentionally made the most horrifyingly ugly sim imaginable. I did all the absurd stuff you can do with their features, like give them ridiculous bug eyes, a bizarre jawline, enormous lips, terrible haircut, etc. You see, I have my own mini-goal in this challenge, and that is to see if I can take genes from the most ugly sim imaginable and turn them into gorgeous genes over the course of the ten generations. It should be exciting, and by exciting I mean scary.

I created an entire new neighborhood for Bliff, scenic "Landy Land". (I cannot take credit for the name "Landy Land", that's spinooti's invention, it came from the highly successful yet loathed by its creator comic "The Highway Pirates". In fact, we had a character named Bliff that was supposed to be the ruler of Landy Land, but I don't think we ever actually used him. And I can't remember who named him, so I might be able to take credit for the name Bliff. I don't think his last name was Horseface, though.) I was afraid of breaking the "No Playable Characters" rule, so I just stuck Bliff out there all by himself, with no one but townies and NPCs to keep him warm at night.

So Bliff moves in, gets his crappy $4,800 floorless, wallpaperless house. At first I couldn't even afford a door to the bathroom, so I just left it open. Bliff had to shoo everyone out of the whole house if he wanted to use the potty. Poor guy.

But then he got a job! Bliff's got a knowledge aspiration, so he wanted to be a doctor. Then he met Marisa Bennett, the most attractive townie that came to visit him on his first day in the neighboorhood, and he wooed her and married her. She brought him an extra thousand simoleons, but luckily, she was also a well-to-do scientist well on her way up the career track, and so the continued to bring in that thousand every day (and then some). (Marisa has a fortune aspiration, in case you're curious.) Soon Bliff had furniture! A bed, double even, that provided a bit of comfort at night! He had a trash compacter and a dish washer! He's livin' the high life!

Then Marisa (now Marisa Horseface) gave birth to...


Ralphie Pie. Ralphie Pie Horseface. A promising looking baby, he had mama's eyes. But then he grew into a toddler and was revealed to have daddy's ears and bizarre jawline. There's not much to say about Ralphie Pie. He's demanding, as babies go. We'll just have to wait and see where fate takes him!

I'm trying to get Marisa preggers again, but she refuses, the cow. I want to have a selection of potentially beautiful children to pick from, in case Ralphie Pie turns out hideous, which is likely.

The best part about Bliff is that I made him really neat, so he LOVES to clean. I mean loves it. Like, if I tell him to clean the toilet, after his pregnant wife just vomitted in it three times? He pumps his arms and goes, "SWEET DEAL" only in simmish, and as he's cleaning, his fun goes way up.

He's a good kid.

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