Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Okay, so I've come to the conclusion that Rita and Katrina went to high school together. And Katrina was, like, the prom queen or whatever, and she always had a boyfriend and she had really pretty hair.

And Rita was all, "My god, that BITCH! She gets everything she wants! I'll show her. SOMEDAY."

Then one day Rita's watching the news and she sees that Katrina has gone all category 4 and totally destroyed New Orleans.

So she's all, "That fucking BITCH!!! She's STILL trying to take over the spotlight. This is just like that time she forced herself into the spring play as the lead, even though she didn't even audition."

But this time Rita's not gonna take it anymore. After high school, she joined one of those feminist "Girls are Awesome" clubs, as well as one of those "You are Your Own Master" coalitions, and she's independant and pissed as hell.

She's gonna show Katrina.

She's all, "I'm gonna go Cat FIVE, Bee-yotch!! EAT THAT, FUCKAAAA!!!!!! Not only am I gonna lay holy havock on the land, I'm gonna do it on the place that all YOUR scared little bitches evacuated to! BECAUSE I KICK ASS, SUCK ON THAT!!!!!!"

Seriously, though, I can't help but feel like all these intense hurricanes are some sort of sick fad. Probably because I'm innundated with fads on a daily basis, and the news coverage makes it seem like a fad. I have no idea what kind of fad it is, but I sure do hope everyone gets over it soon.

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