Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

You know what job I would love, other than panhandling in a banana suit?

Typing things.

In an office or something.

Like, someone would say, "Jessica, I just wrote this amazing epic sonnet! However, I wrote it on a spare piece of napkin at Starbucks. Could you type it up all pretty for me?"

Or, "Jessica, my son wrote his Christmas list on the bottom of his shoe. I was wondering if you could copy it over onto the computer and print it up neatly?"

Or even, "Jessica, I want to write 6,000,000 page novel. Really. I have it all right here, in my head. I just need someone to dictate it to. Could you do it?"

And then when I'm all done typing, they PAY ME $1000 BUCKS A WEEK.

Anyone know of a job like that? I'd even be okay with only $300 a week.

Oh, and also, I'd like to point out these three entries, because I guess something wonky happened with my livejournal and no one ever read them. So READ THEM NOW. They're IMPORTANT.
Tags: money, work

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