Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I just discovered something amazing:

With this and these, I can play Dance Dance Revolution at home without purchasing the game or the pads. I can also practice the tougher levels at home so that when I play them at the arcade, I won't waste my money. I see no way in which this plan can fail!

In other news, the only DDR machine near Youngstown is an old one. I don't know these dang songs, and there is no "light" level to speak of, it just goes straight from beginner to deranged. THIS IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE FORM OF EXCERCISE. I'm either standing there waiting for an arrow to wander on screen so I can move, or I'm too appalled by the intense number of arrows whizzing by at breakneck speed that I have to stand there and wait to see if I'm actually aware of what's going on.

Not that it matters, because when I get home there will be a lovely DDR Extreme at the Parks Mall, a Putt-Putt somewhere in Arlington, or even Six Flags if I'm willing to pay for parking and actually use my season pass.

Oh, hey guys, guess what: I've recently become obsessed with DDR. Just so you know.

Tags: ddr, vacation

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