Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Dear Financial Aid: Why are you retarded?

This is the least intuitive system of trying to get to school ANYONE COULD HAVE POSSIBLY CONCOCTED. What the crap difference does it make if my parents are intending to file or not? Why couldn't someone have said, oh, A BILLION YEARS AGO that you can check a little goddamn box that says "Not intending to file" instead of "Will file but haven't yet" and EVERYTHING WOULD BE OKAY, instead of now having badgered my dad for the tax stuff for the past two months and getting nowhere and now probably having to redo my entire goddamn form?

Is anyone out there in livejournal land intimately familiar with the fafsa and can give me some advice? Because I'm confused and thoroughly irritated here.
Tags: bitching, money, school

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