Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Hi! I'm going to nerd for a minute, and let all of three of you who care know that HUFFLEPUFF TOTALLY PWNED THE HOUSECUP, BITCHES!!!! Yes, it was a wonderful time for all involved, hooray for things, and I have no life.


I'm in Ohio, and I haven't properly updated my journal, because I've been too busy nerding in the other community! WHAT A WONDERFUL PERSON I AM!!! Well, not a lot is happening except that my grampa is teetering on the edge of insanity and I'm trying not to think about it by working on a latchhook rug and watching lots of movies. I think this is a fabulous technique.

Yesterday we hung out with my Great Aunt Dottie who is the most AMAZING PERSON IN THE WORLD and if you met her, you know that. She used to have a cat named Billy Bad Ass, but he had to be put down. :( Anyway, she came over and brought a DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE CHEESE CAKE, and we all ate that and a bunch of KFC. We decided KFC does not give enough macaroni and cheese in one large side container to feed six people. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF, AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!

I bought a cd by someone named Anna Nalik? I don't know who she is? But the cd is awesome. So if you know who she is, tell me: Does she come from Frisco?

I want to eat something delicious, but my tummy is hurty from all the delicious things I ate yesterday, and one shouldn't eat so much delicious stuff. But I'm a horrible person.

Aaaaaand that's it, I think. Really, nothing else is happening. THE END.
Tags: family, food, hogwarts elite, music, vacation

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