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Hogsmeade Weekend 7/22/05 - Caption Contest #5

You wander back to the shop with the note pinned to the door. According to your map, there's supposed to be a third and final contest here. But when you approach the parchment, it's doodling little hearts all around it, and writing I luv Dan in big swirly script.

"Ahem," you say.

The invisible pen seems to jump. Suddenly, everything on the page disappears, and the parchment is blank for a moment. Then, slowly, Um....what do you want?

"What do I want? I want the last contest you owe me."

Seems that's all you care about. Contests. You never come by just to say hi.

"Who was that you were writing about just a moment ago?"

A pause.


"You were writing about someone named Dan. You don't mean Daniel Radcliffe, do you?"

I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm six years older than Daniel Radcliffe, how could I have a crush on him?

"You tell me."

Another pause.

Then, abruptly, For this LAST contest, you need to put yourself in the mind of an evil genius!!

"Just show me the picture."

Fine. You have no appreciation for art, you know.

Please submit using this format:

NOTE: Do not remove the text area code when you comment.

100 Points will be awarded to the First Place Entry.
75 Points will be awarded to the Second Place Entry.
50 Points will be awarded to the Third Place Entry.
25 Points will be awarded to all Participants.
Tags: harry potter, hogwarts_elite

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