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Hogsmeade Weekend 6/22/05 - Caption Contest #1

Following your map, you come to a shop that's been locked up. All the lights are out, no one is inside, and there's a blank piece of parchment taped to the front door. You look at it, confused, and check your map again.

"It says there's supposed to be a caption contest here," you say aloud to whoever will listen. "What's going on?"

You look back up at the parchment on the door. But to your surprize, it's not blank anymore. It's been written on. You walk a bit closer to see what it says.

Hi! This is Jessica, the Hufflepuff prefect! I'm actually not able to be here at Hogsmeade, you know, in the most physical sense of the word. I'm taking a little trip into the muggle world! But I bewitched this parchment to speak for me.

"Ah-ha. Kind of like Tom Riddle and his diary."

Yes, but I'm not evil. Look at me! I'm a Hufflepuff. Everyone knows Hufflepuffs aren't evil.

"Actually, right now, you're just a piece of paper. How do I know you're not going to posess people to do horrible things so that you can become corporeal?"

Because I'm only in Frisco, I'm not dead or anything! Jeez. Anyway, what do you want? Why are you bugging me?

"Well, it said on the map that there's supposed to be a caption contest here."

Ah, yes, the caption contest! That which requires a keen mind and a sharp wit! You can't just muddle your way through this stuff, no siree, you've got to have your thinking cap on!

Suddenly, little doodled fireworks begin to go off in the confines of the paper, and new words appear.

The caption contest, often given the reputation for being "simple", "quick", "easy points", when really it requires the most thought to win! You must come up with an inspiring piece of prose short enough to keep your reader interested, but humerous enough to make them forget all the other entries! You are battling against hundreds of others, striving to be as successful as you! You must do-

"How long would you go on if I just stood here and kept reading?"

It really depends.

"Are you just showing off?"


"Could you just show me the contest?"

I guess, if that's all you really want.

Please submit using this format:

NOTE: Do not remove the text area code when you comment.

100 Points will be awarded to the First Place Entry.
75 Points will be awarded to the Second Place Entry.
50 Points will be awarded to the Third Place Entry.
25 Points will be awarded to all Participants.
Tags: harry potter, hogwarts elite

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