Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Why you, that's right, YOU, should join Hogwarts Elite.

Yes, folks, turns out that there's a reason other than ridiculous Harry Potter obsession to join hogwarts_elite. The paid time that has been so graciously donated to me? Came from someone in H_E. Mind you, I have no idea who. And I thought it was probably from H_E because I've had my lj for a billion years and none of my friends has ever given me paid time (you total jerks).

So how do I KNOW it came from hogwarts_elite? Because I was not the only one to get paid time. About seven other Hufflepuffs did, as well as at least one Slytherin who's on my fl. We all got the same thing, an anonymous donation of two months of paid time.

And it turns out this is not the first time it's happened, either! The other Hufflepuff prefect, opaleyes, said that she initially got her paid account as a gift from someone in H_E during another rash of paid time donations to members.

SO! Clearly it DOES pay to waste one's life away in obsessive communities. Even if that payment costs about five bucks. But still. The fact that someone cares enough to give a bunch of us a break is PRETTY DANG COOL.

Thanks again, mystery donor!!!
Tags: harry potter, hogwarts elite, livejournal

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