Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Why I'm up this late....

screamer7n: Oh, goodness, it's almost 1.
screamer7n: Maybe i should get sleep so as to function in school tomorrow
FanSkuPaLa: NO!
screamer7n: I will be happy when school ENDS and bedtime no longer exists.
FanSkuPaLa: yes! as am I, I'm nocturnal now!
screamer7n: Haha, everytime I don't have school, i get in the habit of being up until, like, 3, and sleeping till noon.
screamer7n: However I'm developing the habit a bit prematurely....
screamer7n: Or maybe it's runoff from easter break
FanSkuPaLa: either or.
screamer7n: I bet it's both, running into each other and causing a tirade of insomnia...
screamer7n: which is not good...
FanSkuPaLa: hahahah
screamer7n: it means I sleep in the classes that I'm failing and need to pass to graduate so that I don't have to sleep....
screamer7n: LIFE IS SO HARD
FanSkuPaLa: vicious bicycles?
screamer7n: HAHAHAHAH
screamer7n: YES
screamer7n: I have a unicycle that's pretty vicious, too
FanSkuPaLa: like in calvin and hobbes..
FanSkuPaLa: unicycle//! can you ride it good?
screamer7n: NO
screamer7n: I can't ride it at all :-)
screamer7n: But my dad in New York owns a bike shop and sent it to me for Christmas
screamer7n: I ought to break it out and learn to ride it
FanSkuPaLa: awesome... can I work for your dad in new york if I ever become a bike mechanic?
screamer7n: Probably :-)
screamer7n: I don't know him that well, I've lived with my stupid stepdad since I was three, but my dad dad seems like an awesome guy
FanSkuPaLa: lets go meet him one day!
screamer7n: He sends me new bikes every other year or so
screamer7n: Ok!
screamer7n: I met him once when I was five and he gave me his guitar
screamer7n: Which is currently missing a string...grrr....
screamer7n: Yeah, we can randomly show up and I can say, "Hi, I'm your long lost daughter, and this is my buddy Stoop, can he work for you?"
screamer7n: It'll RULE
FanSkuPaLa: YES!
FanSkuPaLa: !!!
FanSkuPaLa: and anne can be there too for background ambiance and random knocking over of things!
screamer7n: HAHAHAHA
screamer7n: YES
screamer7n: That's NECESSARY
screamer7n: do you live close to New York?
FanSkuPaLa: no.
FanSkuPaLa: not at all.
screamer7n: And/or visit there occasionaly?
screamer7n: And I can't spell...
FanSkuPaLa: no!
screamer7n: Ok :-)
FanSkuPaLa: I live on the opposite side of new yawk!
screamer7n: Well the next time you're not in new york, you can not look him up, he owns the Visentin Pro Shop, I think that's it, or bike shop or something,
FanSkuPaLa: okay... I'll call you up outta the blue and be like, "what's your dad's name?"
screamer7n: haha
screamer7n: His name is actually Danny, and Visentin is his last name...making him Danny Visentin....THANK YOU SCIENCE
screamer7n: You fiend, you're keeping me from sleep!!!
screamer7n: Ghah!!!
screamer7n: I really should get off here and sleep some...good for the body, I hear...
FanSkuPaLa: NO!
screamer7n: STOP THAT!
FanSkuPaLa: NO!
FanSkuPaLa: BUT... JACOB!
screamer7n: Is he terrifying you?
FanSkuPaLa: no
screamer7n: what about Jacob??
screamer7n: I'm so confused....
FanSkuPaLa: he'll DIE without you.
screamer7n: I somehow doubt that :-)
screamer7n: But now I'm laughing really hard
FanSkuPaLa: yaaay!
screamer7n: Jacob has YOU to keep him company now!
FanSkuPaLa: NO!
screamer7n: Too much of a job, eh?
FanSkuPaLa: yes.
screamer7n: have you heard the Adam Sandler bit where it's a Carrie rip off and he responds to everything with "NO!" and "THEY'RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU!"
screamer7n: That's what all these "no"s are reminding me of
FanSkuPaLa: NO!!!?
screamer7n: It's too late...I'm getting punchy...everything's becoming funny that ISN'T
screamer7n: which means it's BED TIME
screamer7n: GORP
FanSkuPaLa: NO!
screamer7n: dammit!
FanSkuPaLa: NO!
screamer7n: Jacob's insulting Bif Naked....KILL HIM
FanSkuPaLa: no, you!
screamer7n: I have to sleeeeeeeeeeeepppppp........
FanSkuPaLa: no! you!
screamer7n: Yes, me, has to sleeep!!!!!
FanSkuPaLa: no!
screamer7n: Try to deal :-)
FanSkuPaLa: no!

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