Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Ok, I just got bitten by a spider about fifteen minutes ago. It hurt at the time of the bite and has been stinging ever since. It's been raising the skin like a mosquito bite even though I haven't been scratching it. It has swelled the skin to about 1 x 2 inches. I've got ice on it, but I'm looking for information to be sure if this is a bite I should be worried about, or something that will be uncomfortable for a few days but will go away. If anyone knows ANYTHING about spiders or what kind of bite this is, let me know!

Also, the spider was really small, only a tiny bit bigger than an ant. It was dark, and I didn't see any markings on it, but then again, I also just grabbed it and smashed it and threw it away. Only later did I think I should have kept it to see what it was. Oh well.
Tags: panicking, spider

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