Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Ok, you know those signs that they have outside various businesses, with the black lettering that they change occasionally? They usually give you some type of information about the business, like if there's a sale or something.

Well, I was coming home from my swim lessons, and I passed one, and it said: "My boss told me to change this sign so I did."


When I was teaching my swim lessons, the little girl I'm teaching started talking about her dad being away for work, so I asked her, "What does your dad do?"

Her response: "He goes to work!"

"Yes, but what does he do for work?"

*after several moments of thought*

"He doos what his teacher says*."

I tried really hard not to laugh for twelve hours, as it probably would have crushed her self esteem.

*In this instance, "says" is spoken with a long "a".
Tags: funny, swimming

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