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So this weekend was Scottish Fest, and I ran away to see Brother! Apparently this is the first time they've played Scottish Fest in six years. I can't believe it's been that long, because I still remember the first time I saw them there. They are playing nothing but stuff off their new album now, which is moderately lame, but they are still cool, so it's okay.

I caught Angus just hangin' out and bein' cool.



Ha ha ha, I just thought of something funny!

Didgen' around!

At the end, they totally started rocking out and ALL THREE of them were banging on the drums. This is blurry, though, so you can't really tell.

I did not get pictures of them playing this beautiful blue didgeridoo, but I took a picture of it sitting around looking pretty!

Angus had a scarf on his bagpipes.

I think the highlight of the event were these little kids. They were brothers themselves (AMAZING!) and they were wearing tiny kilts and tiny Brother shirts!!!! I asked their mom if I could take their picture (they were friends of Vanessa's), and she was like, "Sure!" but they WOULDN'T POSE because she had apparently given them a loooooong speech the day before about staying away from strangers! They were totally scared. She had to be like, "Look, she's a friend of Vanessa's! It's okay!" Finally, they posed with Vanessa and let me take the picture.

The cutest part was that the one on the right had brought along his guitar and his didgeridoo for them to sign. IT WAS SO FRIGGEN CUTE TO SEE A TINY CHILD PLAYING A DIDGERIDOO!!!!

Okay, that's all!
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