Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Man, something in this store is biting my legs all up! IT ITCHES HOLY SHIT.

Okay, so I'm stuck at Alamo Door ALL DAY because the boss man went out of town.


Since he's not here, and I don't really care, I'm pretty pumped about spending the day online/working on my corset.


Drew and I have learned that both of us sleepy talk. IE: Talk in our sleep. Sometimes it's hilarious, sometimes it's disturbing, and sometimes it's both. I am always fascinated to hear what I say when I sleepy talk because I love to know what was so important to my subconscious mind that I had to say it aloud.\

Drew hates hearing about what he says because it makes him feel like an idiot.

Well, when he got up this morning, he informed me that I had sleepy talked last night. So I asked him what I said.

He said that I had grabbed his arm, looked him straight in the eyes, (apparently mine were open) and whispered, "Be very very very very very very very very very quiet!"

For which I immediately felt horrible because man, how creepy is that????

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