Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


So I'm at Sam's office (the nice CPA job that I like), and I'm workin' as usual, and I get asked to go into the other room to enter stuff into that computer. (It's happened before so it was not an odd request for me). I finished up in there, and asked Sam if he had anything else for me to do. He said no, and I went to go sit back down at my computer and there was a card waiting for me! Apparently it's Administrative Assistants Day (man, okay!) and he had gotten me a card to thank me for the work I've been doing.

I was totally bowled over because it seems like such a random holiday to celebrate, and yet! Card! Anyway, I was happy about that, so you get to read about it. You will NEVER GET THESE TWO MINUTES BACK. Think on that.

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