Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Hey dudes!

My birthday is in twelve days, so you have that much time to buy me a present. GET GOING. I will be twenty-one, so I expect lots of socks, as I am officially OLDER THAN OLD. GOD DANG.

In other news, WHAT IS UP WITH TODAY???

Texas: "Eh, I want to be stormy."

Me: "That's okay with me, Texas, I love it when you're stormy."

Texas: "You know, that's true. You DO like it when I'm stormy. So FOR THAT VERY REASON, I'm going to stop raining and bring the sun out, but ONLY WHEN YOU ARE IN TRANSIT FROM JOB TO JOB, FROM JOB TO HOME. All the times in the interem, storms ahoy."

Me: "I so hate you, Texas."

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