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Your Face

First of all, my absolute favorite color of new beetle is that Vapor color, the one that they only made a few of, it's a really really really light blue, and a Hooverphonic song was on the commercial (which is probably the only reason I like it so much.) On my way to work this morning, I spied a CONVERTIBLE VAPOR COLORED NEW BEETLE, but only as it sped through the yellow light which had turned red by the time I approached. So I lost sight of it, but felt grateful to have started the day with a vapor colored beetle, and took it as a good omen.

Then, when I LEFT work, I was pulling out of the parking lot JUST AS THE EXACT SAME CONVERTIBLE VAPOR COLORED BEETLE DROVE BY. I had been planning to go to the Kroger across the street to get my lunch, but I chose instead to follow the beetle up the road so's I could ogle the pretty color, and I went to Tom Thumb instead (which had baby food for twenty cents MORE, this is the price I'm willing to pay to look at pretty cars).

SECONDLY, and vastly more appaling: So, it's no secret that I hate my job at the garage door place. They just freak me out on a number of levels too numerous to list right now. Well, I came in yesterday and I heard something moving around in the store, and I was kinda freaked out, because normally I'm the only one there in the morning. Well, it turns out it's a dog. I'm cool with that, it's a small, friendly dog that kind of reminds me of my dog Pepper only Gus colored.

You may be asking yourself, "Why was there a dog in the store?" Well. Turns out that they bought the dog at the pound. They really like her, because she's sweet and house trained and stuff. I mean, this is a totally cool dog, if I didn't have two cats that would kill her and a tiny apartment, I'd totally want a dog like this. But, it seems that they can't keep her at home, so they're going to keep her at the store. Where she'll be alone 49% of the time. And the other 50% of the time, she'll be ignored because the people there will be trying to get work done. And the 1% of the time she is getting attention isn't enough, so she'll sit and sigh miserably to herself, letting out the occasional pout, as she gets neglected.

Why can't they keep her at home?

Because she sheds to much.

OH MY GOD, JUST GIVE THE DOG TO A FAMILY THAT WILL ACTUALLY GIVE HER THE ATTENTION SHE NEEDS, AND DOESN'T CARE ABOUT SHEDDING!!!! DON'T SELFISHLY KEEP HER LOCKED ALL ALONE IN A BUILDING JUST BECAUSE YOU LIKE HER. THAT IS SO FUCKING CRUEL. I am so freaking pissed at these people right now. I watched a dog that my dad insisted on keeping, even though no one had the time to give it the attention that it needed, die of cancer in our backyard. My mom and I tried so hard to give it away, but my dad refused because he really wanted a dog and it died. AJLSKJFLDKJFLAKJSLKJFLKJDLKF. This dog's only been at the store for two days, and already I can tell it's going to be miserable. Grrrrrr.

ALSO: Jesso, are we yarning tomorrow?

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