Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Totally stolen from opaleyes

Pick a song everyone knows.
Take the lyrics to babelfish and translate English to German to French to English.
Copy out the result and give clues and see who can guess the song.

YOUR ONLY CLUE: This shit is bananas.

Of Uh huh, those my Scheisse the whole girl stomp your feet

want this one me around this rail were, therefore it is not to go right, such as this cause I in cannot have arrived hollaback to girls, I hollaback the girl is

Oooh, those my Scheisse, those my Scheisse

me heard that you spoke and did not think you of Scheisse that me would hear that it hears people you, as that receives speech and each one fed, me is thus ready to attack and goes which the sentence will lead who goes, Touchdown to receive and take to some marks you

of which is to say Scheisse is bananas BANANAS, these Scheisse bananas BANANAS is again, Scheisse is bananas BANANAS these Scheisse bananas BANANAS is some

marks me around this rail was, therefore it in is not to go right to arrive as this cause I is hollaback the girl it in is not I hollaback girls

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