Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Man, there is this ant that I keep seeing crawling around my computer/counter area at work. I've seen it every day for the past week and I swear it is the SAME DAMN ANT. I can't bring myself to kill it, even though it's a fire ant and I'm allergic to them, just because it seems like it's all alone with no little ant friends.

So I've been reading through all the backlogs of my and Anne's livejournals, and I've decided we don't go out and do as many random fun things anymore. We seem to just be staying in the house. I think we should go on an ADVENTURE! I don't know what kind of adventure, but I just feel like we should DO something. Something stupid and fun at the same time.

LIKE ACTUALLY MAKE OUR HARRY POTTER TRIBUTE BAND CD Like drive around looking for garage sales and buying something cheap and stupid at each one, or something.

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