Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I'm doing this because my journal is boring anyway and memes are fun and Jason did it first so shut up. I'm gonna have to work pretty hard to come up with the lies, so you better guess.

Make a list of 10 statements about yourself:
* 4 of the 10 statements must be lies.
* Post your list and have people guess which four are lies!

1. I was born in Maryland.
2. I broke my leg once falling off my bike when I was seven.
3. When we moved into my new house, I made a video tour of it to send to my grandparents, and we never sent it.
4. Secretly I want to be a tightrope walker, but I don't pursue it because I know how impractical it is.
5. I'm scared of heights.
6. I secretly EDIT:(openly) wish I were a goth.
7. I used to "invent" elaborate machenery completley run by people.
8. I used to sing in the chior at church when I was little.
9. My favorite movie is "Beaches".
10. I'm trying to come up with a way to combine the careers of rockstar and yarn shop owner so I can do them both.

I think it's glaringly obvious which ones are the lies? So if you're AnnE or Aaron and you don't guess them, we'll have to have a face punching intervention.

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