Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Tonight I'm moderatly depressed, because I am missing not just one, but TWO concerts that I would LOVE to see, concerts that I have BOTH missed twice already and tonight is just perpetuating my sadness about never seeing them.

I am missing Korn AND Trans-Siberian Orchestra.


Everything is horrible.

***NEW TOPIC!!!***

I have decided that for 2005, my New Year's Resolution will be to sell something on Ebay every day.

I've already lined up a month's worth of stuff.

Everything's going to be really retarded and lame, it's all going to be stuff that can fit into a regular envelope. The cool part will be that I'll (try to) sell one thing every day.

In my fantasy, this idea will explode into the most talked-about thing online since the ghost in a jar, and I will finally be as e-famous as AnnE.

In reality, this is the stupidest thing I have ever decided to do ever in my whole entire life, but I keep telling myself I can do it because I will batch the auctions a month at a time and then all I have to do is pay attention to who wins (if anyone).

If you would like to donate flat worthless things to sell, please do. So far I'm selling old air fresheners, movie ticket stubs, weird chip label things from Subway, menus that keep getting left at our apartment door, a rubber band, yarn labels, a breakdown of the vertabrae in the spine, AND MORE.

You know you can't wait.

(I give myself until halfway through February before I give up.)

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