Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

This man knows me too well.

The other day, I called Drew first thing when I woke up. It seems I woke him up by calling. Surprized, I asked the time, and was amazed to discover that it was only about noon!

I told Drew that I had normally been getting up around 2 in the afternoon, and the conversation followed thusly:

Drew: Jesus, honey!
Me: Yeah.
Drew: Your family could be, you know, doing things while you're asleep for half the afternoon.
Me: Yeah.
Drew: Maybe you should try getting to bed a little earlier?
Me: Probably.
Drew: I mean, you are there to visit your family.
Me: Yeah.
Drew: Not to read your livejournal.
Me: Yeah.
Drew: Am I correct that that's what's keeping you up so late?
Me: Yeah.
Tags: drew, livejournal, vacation

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