Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I feel compelled to post despite my lack of things to say. I want to do something exciting with the mail, like start a chain letter that doesn't suck lots of ass. I feel like I've posted this thought before, but I'm too lazy to check. Oh, yeah, I remember, I started that pass along scarf thing. Now I feel like doing something ELSE fun with the mail.

It's all Aaron's fault, he got me all interested with his postcard talk. Ooh, I had a thought. Maybe a bunch of people should get on a "mailing list" and mail one thing that they don't want in their house to everyone on the list. Then everyone would get everyone else's stuff they don't want and a moderately more organized house.

I'm bored and it's late and no one's commenting on anything I post 'cept for Jesso who is my ONLY FRIEND.

I forgot to call Drew today, I am a horrible fiancee. I shall call him FIRST THING TOMORROW.
Tags: mail

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