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Very Sad Things

Man, I was just chillin' with my grandparents today, and my aunt and uncle come to visit, hangin' and chattin', when all of the sudden the unspeakable happens and my wicked-step-grandmother-Diane* says: "Well, we're hopefully moving into a one story house within the next year."

My world all of a sudden ceased to be.

You don't understand how much this house means to me. Not only have they lived in this house for as long as I can remember, not only was this the house my grandma lived in before she died, not only do I have memories in every single room of this house, there's all that, but THEN. There's the fact that this house is a freaking historical building. It has a plaque and everything. It's so old that you can tell which part of it was built for servants to live and which part was for the owner. It's like it's split right down the middle, with two staircases and everything. It's got a laundry chute. It's got a secret room underneath the bathroom that's awesome. It has a basement with four rooms. It's just a really fucking awesome house. I love the house as much as I love my grandparents. When I think of vacationing, I think of getting to spend more time in the house. I wanted to get married and have the reception here.

I am so so so so so so so upset about this. Part of me was hoping that someday I might live here too. I know that would probably never really happen, since I'd have to convince Drew to live here as well, but whenever I think of a place that just makes me feel comfortable and at home, it's this house. It's killing me to think that this visit may be the last I ever spend here.

I really don't know what else to say. Just that I'm infinately depressed.

*Diane is not wicked, but she is my step-grandmother, and I only refer to her as wicked because this is how my grampa refered to her for the first three years of their marriage.
Tags: family, nostalgia, sad

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