Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Yesterday I felt yucky and gross, and I have no idea why. Now I feel gross just because I haven't taken a shower yet.


You see, my grandparents have a big old house that has windows in every room, even the bathrooms. If you tried to take a shower with the windows open, the next door neighbors as well as the ones two and three houses over would be given an excellent view of your skyclad body.

ALSO: The only way to sheild yourself is to close the window by shutting the open doors and pulling the curtains. They have been leaving the doors open because their AC is wonky and outside air is cooler than no air.

So I go into the bathroom with every intention of taking a nice, cleansing shower, maybe even shaving my legs, and THERE ON THE WINDOW SILL IS THE BEAUTIFUL ALL WHITE KITTY ELLIS!!!!!

So you see my dilemma. I cannot bring myself to move Ellis, he looks so comfy! If I tried shutting the doors I would crush the poor thing! If I just turned on the water it would scare him shitless, and anyway, I couldn't take a shower with him there because of the nudity issue.

So I am wasting time online until the kitty gets up of his own free will.

Aaron would understand.
Tags: cats, family, vacation

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